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Recent technological revolution in anti-microbial hygiene means we now have the capability to truly protect ourselves against the worst of bacteria and virses without repeat disinfecting and unsustainable cleaning service expenses. Intellico Care can help your business to comply to the latest hygiene regulations for prevention of viral spread, protect your staff and increase consumer confidence in the most effective and sustainable way available.

Intellico Care have partnered with a leading surface coating manufacturer to provide a liquid coating that harnesses the latest in nanotechnology to permanently protect surfaces from harmful pathogens (including TGEV Coronavirus, Influenza A, and Ecoli). This coating is non chemical, non-hazardous, protects against abrasions and micro scratches and lasts on a surface for up to 12 months, continuously offering protection.

With this award winning product in one hand and a team of expertly trained and professional staff in the other hand, we are well primed to bring this medical grade product originally reserved for the healthcare and defence sectors, to all business sectors and individuals through our affordable, bespoke end to end service.

Who is this for?

A solution is needed to safeguard our society & economy without the need for excessive, costly or stressful measures such as fogging, weekly disinfecting etc. An easy, safer and inexpensive solution has been in high demand for years. The recent pandemic has propelled the desire and advancements needed to resolve this.

Originally Designed For The Defence And Medical Industries Our Antimicrobial Coating Has Now Evolved To Suit All Market Types For A Cleaner, Safer Environment

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How You Benefit From Our Service

Antiviral and Antibacterial

Active against TGEV Coronavirus and broad Antibacterial activity

Facilitate cleaning

Surfaces are easier to clean and easier to remove limescale and grease

Micro layer of protection

Prevents micro scratches and provides abrasion protection

Prevent microbial odours

Permanent neutralisation of textile odours and waste bin odours

Free from Halogens

Registered non-hazardous, SVHC free, free from fluorine, PBT & vPvB- substances

100% transparent

Compatible to almost every surface including, glass ceramics, fabrics, metals, glass, varnishes

Dermatalogically tested

classed as ‘excellent’ in terms of compatibility with skin contact.

Anti-fungus and anti-mold

Permanent fungicidal, Prevents mold growth and deprives dust mites of food

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