Bringing medical grade hygiene to commercial environments

Intellico Care are leading a global movement to transform health and well-being within commercial spaces by providing medical grade technology and advanced levels of hygiene standards to organisations and businesses globally.

Our main focuses are surface hygiene, air quality and wellness. We are one of the first UK companies to provide both a surface coating application that protects surfaces for 12 months and air purification as one solution, both solutions are tested and certified to inhibit the spread of viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses.

We are helping organisations to transform their interior spaces into environments that provide enhanced cleanliness and promoting overall wellness for occupants, clients, and visitors. As well as our award winning products our team are International Well Building Institute Partners and official Fitwell building health ambassadors, meaning we are well-versed in evidence-based strategies to improve corporate wellness and health within commercial premises.

Backed by thousands of academic research studies, we have the certifications and expertise to help create and certify spaces that advance human health and well-being.

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Antimicrobial Coating

Recent technological revolutions in anti-microbial hygiene means we now have the capability to truly protect ourselves against the worst of bacteria and viruses without repeat disinfecting and unsustainable cleaning service expenses. Intellico Care can help your business to comply to the latest hygiene regulations for prevention of viral spread, allowing you to protect your staff and increase consumer confidence in the most effective and sustainable way available.

Partnering with a leading surface coating manufacturer, we provide and apply an eco friendly, permanent antimicrobial coating that harnesses the latest in nanotechnology to permanently protect surfaces from harmful pathogens (including Coronavirus, Influenza A, and Ecoli). Our coating is non hazardous, and lasts on a surface for up to 12 months, continuously offering protection.

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Air Purification

Our commercial, medical grade air purifier is one of the leading medical grade purifiers on the market. It has an innovative 8 stage filtration HEPA h13 filter, UVC lamp and ioniser all efficiently packed into a unique design providing protection from all dust, odours, impurities, allergens, fine particles, and VOCs, as well as being tested and certified to filter bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus.

You can finally breathe in fresh, pure, and healthy air throughout the entire day. The 360° air intake system is both stylish and efficient. The air in your room is quickly and efficiently refreshed and purified within minutes. This helps to create a feeling of wellbeing for staff and customers and provides tangible reassurance that the premises is safe and healthy.

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Is your premises I-Care certified?

With our I-Care certification you can advertise that your premises is meeting the highest possible hygiene standards and is a safe place to enter. Organisations now have a way to showcase the fact that they have implemented innovative technology to mitigate the chances of viral and pathogenic contamination.

With our seal at the front of your premises you can highlight how your organisation has taken steps to improve the health, safety and corporate wellness of the occupants within the building. When you take on our pure air or pure surface services, you will automatically be provided with our I-Care certification and free guidance on how to improve overall corporate wellness from evidence-based studies. You can also register to become certified if you have implemented measures of your own. Our certification standard focuses on:

  • Surface Hygiene
  • Air Quality
  • Staff working environment
  • Staff mental wellbeing
  • Outbreak response

Join the movement to improve corporate wellness and hygiene by becoming I-Care certified.

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Making a difference Internationally

Intellico Care are a UK based company with a truly International reach, we are dedicated to bringing our technologies and innovations to parts of the world where it is needed most. With over 50 staff across 3 different continents and 5 different countries and 1,000s of customers, the I-Care movement is growing exponentially.

From our consultants, to disinfectant teams, to technical experts our team is well trained and qualified to improve the health and wellbeing of your commercial premises. Find out how our teams are currently providing services towards corporate wellness in Europe, South Asia, and West Africa.

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