Who are Intellico Care

Intellico Care are leading a global movement to transform health and well-being within commercial spaces by cost effectively providing medical grade technology and advanced levels of hygiene to clients globally.

We are one of the first companies in the UK to provide both a surface coating solution that protects surfaces for 12 months coupled with an air purification solution, both tested and certified to inhibit the spread of viruses and bacteria. Including Coronaviruses.

We provide internationally recognised certification for you to showcase the advanced levels of hygiene and wellbeing on your premises.

Our certification is backed by evidence based studies and scientific research. We are proud to have teams situated in Europe, Africa and Asia, providing us with a truly International reach, allowing us to share global research, trends and experiences to our clients.

With over 30 years combined experience between ourselves, and our manufacturer partners as well as having International Well Building Institute partners and Fitwell building health ambassadors within our team, we are certified and qualified to consult our clients in surface protection, air quality, and high standards of wellbeing within corporate environments. Helping to bring renewed wellness and peace of mind to interior spaces globally.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to sharing our wealth of knowledge and access to the latest technologies to assist in improving health and wellbeing within commercial spaces stretching beyond the current pandemic and to create a new standard for corporate wellness and hygiene in a post pandemic world.

A Global Team

Our group of companies is expanding, and we are now branched out across several locations globally to exclusively bring our antimicrobial coating, air purification and certification standard to some of the places in the world which are hardest hit by transient diseases.

Intellico Care UK

Our Intellico Care headquarters is based in the heart of Bristol, the largest and most populous City in South West England and a thriving metropolitan City which is famous for the Clifton suspension bridge, the floating harbour and the SS Great Britain ship.

Being one of the biggest tourist attraction cities in the UK, the City is a hive of activity with thriving bars, restaurants, cafés and a busy nightlife scene. Our office is at the heart of the City where we are strategically positioned to provide our key services to the surrounding City and the rest of the UK.

Having started out as a technology supplier, providing medical grade coated technology to the healthcare sector we saw the need for this technology in

multiple different sectors including retail, hospitality, sports and leisure, education, and office spaces. We now share our medical grade hygiene services including pure air and pure surface solutions with clients across the UK while providing certification and our I-Care seal for businesses to advertise and showcase the level of hygiene at their premises.

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Intellico Care India

Our team in India are based in Bangalore, which is the capital city of India’s Karnataka state and the tech hub of India, also known as India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ because of the large amount of tech and IT companies.

Bangalore is also the base for many branches of the most famous International organisations. As one of the highest populated cities in India and one of the fastest growing cities in India, hygiene, health and wellness are paramount to the continued prosperity of the City and the wellbeing of the city’s inhabitants.

After experiencing great success within the healthcare sector, hospitality sector and Office spaces in Bangalore and receiving a massive uptake of organisations wanting to be I-Care certified, we are poised to expand throughout India and get our message out about improved corporate hygiene and wellness.

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Intellico Care Nigeria

Intellico Care Nigeria are our largest operation outside of the UK, our Nigerian team is situated in Lagos Nigeria which is the second most populous city in Nigeria. Lagos has the largest metropolitan area in Africa, and is a major financial centre and economic hub.

Lagos is known for having one of the largest and busiest seaports in Africa, it has a vibrant nightlife and music scene, and is a major tourist attraction. These factors combine to highlight Lagos as a city of activity, high population, and high movement of people.

Making hygiene, air quality and wellness important factors within society as a whole and especially within the major commercial sectors.

In Lagos and Nigeria our team are focused on the Healthcare Industry, Government Organisations, The Oil and Gas Industry, and Travel and Tourism. Our aim is for Nigeria to become the flag bearer for a new emphasis on medical grade hygiene and corporate wellness within the continent of Africa.

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Intellico Care Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone was our first venture outside of the UK and our team based in the capital of Freetown is thriving.

Having experienced highly positive feedback from many major organisations, our message of improved hygiene highly resonates with the new Government’s emphasis and focus on cleaning up the country and improving hygiene standards, especially on the back of the Ebola crisis and the current Covid pandemic.

We have been able to revolutionise sanitation methods within government buildings, Office spaces International organisations and Port authorities. Our current focus is on the hospitality sector which has been hit hard by low consumer confidence and the healthcare sector.

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Intellico Care Ghana

Our Ghana team is based in Accra the Capital of Ghana. which is the Ghanian centre for manufacturing, marketing, finance Insurance and transportation, as well as being a tourist hub. As Ghana is one of the growing economies in West Africa and the second most populous country in West Africa, there is a great opportunity for corporate wellness and medical grade hygiene within commercial environments.

Especially within major sectors such as Education, Healthcare and retail. Our team have been able to highlight the need for improved hygiene and air quality within the large events industry such as sports stadiums, music festivals and church auditoriums, furthering their mission to create more I-Care certified venues throughout the country.

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How else we are helping ?

We are partnered with several charities, some of which are at the forefront of the fight against the current pandemic, hygiene improvement, and the fight against communicable diseases. Our donations go towards providing basic equipment and supplies to where it is needed most, providing basic needs like clean drinking water and sanitation to places in the world where it is lacking, and supporting healthcare organisations like the NHS.

We are also providing advice and education on the latest advancements in technology and evidence-based studies within surface hygiene, air quality and wellness to our clients, non-profit organisations and parts of the world where this information is critical.

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