Who are Intellico Care

Having started out as a technology supplier, providing antimicrobial coated products to the healthcare sector. Intellico Care have developed into a company that provides this advanced technological solution to all industries in an affordable way. Due to the current unprecedented pandemic, we saw the need for this level of innovation to be accessible to all sectors and all individuals no matter what their budget.

With the help of our manufacturer partner and multiple other strategic partners we have evolved into a full solution provider from product deployment to consultation, to expert application. Having summoned a 30 strong expertly trained and thoroughly well vetted cleaning team and through nationwide partnerships, we can now bring the latest in nanotechnology coating to all business types and all individuals.

On the back of this we have now fully taken the plunge into sharing our wealth of knowledge and access to the latest technologies to assist in improving health and wellbeing stretching beyond the current pandemic.


To help solve challenges faced in global health and wellbeing. Through the supply of innovative
products and solutions, education and consultation, and charitable activities

Years of Experience to give you best possible service

take advantage of our wealth of experience in technology, cleaning services, customer services
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How else we are helping ?

We are partnered with several charities some of which are at the forefront of the fight against the current pandemic where we donate a percentage of our proceeds, as well as donating and supplying and advocating recyclable and sustainable PPE where it is needed.

We are also providing advice and education on the latest advancements

We are also launching Intellico Care Africa, where we are introducing our antimicrobial coating and other health related innovations to the places in the world which are hardest hit by transient diseases.

Through a partnership with Sierra Cleaning Company and contacts with the Health Minister of sierra Leone.

We are launching our service in Sierra Leone, a country recently revolutionising their cleaning initiatives through government legislation amid a history of bad sanitation and waste disposal.

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