Why air quality is important

People spend around 90% of their time within enclosed spaces like in homes, work places, educational environments or other building environments. In this time we breathe more than 15,000 litres of air every day, consuming up to four times more air than food and liquid together. Inhalation exposure to indoor air pollutants can lead to a variety of poor health and well-being outcomes. Health effects associated with exposure to indoor air pollutants can be short- and long-term and can range in severity. Less severe symptoms of exposure can include headaches, dry throat, eye irritation or runny nose, while more severe outcomes can include asthma attacks, infection with Legionella bacteria, carbon monoxide poisoning, cancer and spread of contagious viral infections.

The Future Of Air Filtration

Intellico Care has partnered with AIRVIA Medical to provide a solution that uses medical grade purification technology to purify air from airborne contaminants, bacteria and viruses. Meaning you can finally breathe in pure and healthy air indoors throughout the day.

Our Air Purifier’s filter uses technology derived from the aeronautical industry and the result of extensive medical grade research. One of the only air purifiers with 8 stage filtration including a HEPA H13 filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) which traps nearly 99.97% of particles that have a diameter greater than or equal to 0.01 microns. Combining with activated charcoal and bamboo fibre to capture most volatile organic compounds, over 26 different gases, pollen, odours and more. Accompanied by UV sterilisation, It also destroys germs, bacteria and viruses Including Coronaviruses thanks to a revolutionary design and game changing 8 stage filtration technology.


Animal Hair

Toxic Gas

Microscopic Particle

Bacteria and Viruses






Eight stage Air Purification

One of the only air purification devices that combines eight different technologies to provide you with clean air free of nanoparticles and allergens.



Particles larger than one micron such as dust and hair are first caught by the pre filter



Bamboo has excellent filtration properties as its complex microstructure is a naturally strongly antibacterial.



Lysozyme is a molecule naturally found in the immune system which has a very effective efficacy against microbes by attacking the cell membranes.



The HEPA H13 filter erases 99.97% of particles greater than or equal to 0.01 microns such as fine particles, germs and allergens.



Carbon air filters are most commonly used to remove gases. Their design allows them to filter gases through a bed of activated carbon.



An oxidation process that causes a reaction that naturally produces bacteria killing molecules which react with pollution particles in the air and degrades them. Most effective against chemical pollution.



UVC rays are an Extremely effective form of sterilisation against all bacteria and viruses and widely recognised for their efficiency and harmlessness to humans



The creation of negative oxygen atoms, otherwise known as ions. the air purifier then releases the ions into the surrounding atmosphere which reacts with the pollution particles in the air (which are positively charged). Very effective against fumes and fine particles.

With our air purifier, the air in your commercial premises, your venue and your home, has all dust, odours, impurities, allergens, fine particles, and volatile organic compounds eradicated. Providing a 365 pure air experience

360° air intake design

Our air purifiers are designed for efficiency. The cylindrical shape and 360° air intake system is not just efficient but stylish. composed of multiple Concentric ducts, Air is drawn in from all directions and very long distances, creating healthier air, refreshed and purified air quickly and effectively.

An efficient vertical pressurization system

Purified air is dispersed into the whole room in a silent, efficient and uniform manner, because of the vertical discharge pressurization system and internal grid, our innovative design is the result of patented technology. The first device to blend a vertical discharge with cylindrical suction which can create a clean air flow over long distances. The strength of the air blown out and the sound level does not create any disturbance.

Extremely fast acting

It takes less than 5 minutes for our air purifier to effectively purify the air in a 1000 square foot (100 square meter) room. It has passed the CADR certification and has a rated value of 503.1 cubic meters per hour. 5 different filter levels are in use to eliminate all suspended particles (PM 2.5). You can enjoy all the fresh air you would get outdoors, without leaving your building.

Ionization for purer air

The eighth step of our filtration uses the diffusion of negative ions through the discharged air. Negative ions are very effective at targeting pollution particles which tend to have a positive charge.

Like ‘magnets’ for micropollutants in the air neutralizing them on contact by naturally bonding with them.

The microparticle is weighed down and falls to the ground rendering it harmless. Helping our Medical grade Air Purifier to achieve unrivalled purification effectiveness and quickly disinfect your indoor air.

Negative ions occur naturally and have multiple wellbeing and health benefits. Our air purifiers have a density of 20 million pc/cm3, allowing it to help boost your immune system, your mood, blood circulation and the quality of your sleep.

UV light sterilization

Our purifiers come equipped with a UVC lamp. They are silent and do not emit any ozone. UVC radiation eliminates all germs, microbes, fungi, and bacteria, effectively sterilising your air. Our Purifier’s UV lamp is a high-quality product that works in collaboration with the photocatalyst filter to offer optimum air quality.

Smart Display and Smart control

Our medical grade Air Purifier regularly measures the quality of your air through a smart system and depending on the results, it can switch itself on and engage its various filters and features. Meaning a limited amount of energy is used: The purifier goes into automatic mode when the environment is already deemed pure. For extra peace and quiet you can switch the purifier to sleep mode and it continues to work without emitting any sound or light.

Our Air Purifier displays all the essential data regarding the air you breathe with a smart Remote Control Display allowing you to check your indoor air quality at a glance. Thanks to a latest-generation laser and a chemical pollutant sensor.

The Remote Control Display can be used as a regular remote control but also connects to other devices to remotely check your air quality. Giving visibility of your air quality index (AQI) at any time, as well as the pollution level (PM2.5, PM1.0 and PM10), humidity level, temperature, fan speed and the real-time concentration in formaldehyde. The colour coding and organized digit display make it very simple to get all the information you need.

Technical Characteristics

Colour : White & Black
Range of Action : Up to 1000 ft² (100 m²)
Particle CADR : From 60 to 503.1 m3/h depending on the speed
Formaldehyde CADR : From 19.3 to 162.2 m3/h depending on the speed
Particle CCM : P4 (highest possible grade)
Formaldehyde CCM : F4 (highest possible grade)
Negative Ion Density : 20 million pc/cm3
Input Voltage & Frequency : AC 220V – 50Hz
Wattage : Speed 1 : 10.1W
Speed 2 : 13.5W
Speed 3 : 19.2W
Speed 4 : 35.8W
Speed 5 : 56.8W
Fan Speeds : Night mode = silent (< 30 dB)
Speed 1 = silent (< 30 dB)
Speed 2 = 41dB
Speed 3 = 50dB
Speed 4 = 62dB
Speed 5 = 68dB
Product Size : 31.25 x 62.7 cm (diameter x height)
Net Weight : 9.4 kg
Multi-Layer Filter : Weight: 2.2 kg.
Inner diameter x Outer diameter x Height: 15.5 x 26.0 x 39.0 cm
Filter Composition : Pre-filter + Bamboo Fibre and Lysozyme + HEPA H13 Filter + Activated Charcoal + Photocatalysis
Lifespan of filter : 12 months
Purification Functions (in addition to filter) : – Ionization (20 million pc/cm3)
– UV sterilisation (UVC lamp – 254nm)
Remote Control Display : Real-time digital display
Remote Control Display Sensors : – Fine particles sensor (PM2.5)
– Chemical pollution sensor (HCHO)
– Temperature and Humidity sensors
Air Quality Indicator : Excellent: Green; Good: Blue; Fair: Yellow; Bad: Red
Warranty : – 30-day “Money-back guarantee” return policy
– 5-year Limited Warranty
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