is the amount of surfaces we come into contact with every 30 minutes.
is the percentage of communicable diseases which are transferred by touch.
0-7 days
is the average amount of days viruses can last on surfaces.
0-30 times
is the average amount of time people touch their faces per hour.

Importance of surface hygiene

Surface-to-person transmission is also called “Fomite Transmission”. This takes place whilst someone touches a surface that droplets of the virus have landed on, then touches their mouth, nose, or eyes. A “fomite” is a surface or item or that could carry and transfer a pathogen.

A fomite may be a piece of clothing, a door handle, a chair handle or a light switch. Once an infected person talks, sneezes, coughs, or vomits close by, surfaces can end up contaminated via big droplets that fall from the air.

Fomite transmission also can arise through touch with an airborne virus that settles after disturbance of a contaminated fomite, which includes something as simple as shaking an infected sheet.

When it involves COVID-19, we’re now getting to know how long the virus can last, and it seems to differ via way of means of material. A report from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) determined that the virus remained active for a lot longer on plastic and stainless-steel than on copper and cardboard.

Strong evidence demonstrates the efficacy of regular and thorough cleansing protocols in relation to infection prevention. everyday cleansing of high-contact regions is a powerful technique of lowering transmission but can be costly and take up a lot of time.

Why Antimicrobial Coating?

The above facts show that hand to surface contact is a key element in the spread of many infections including the current coronavirus. A long lasting, sustainable solution is needed to decrease the chances of germs spreading and to increase peace of mind.

Currently the most popular solution that most businesses opt for is repeat disinfecting and fogging but the continued cost is not sustainable for many businesses, and employee disinfecting takes valuable time away from usual work activities.

Traditional disinfection and fogging can only kill the bacteria and viruses that are present on the surface at that moment in time. But in high traffic areas these transient viruses and bacteria quickly return. In addition, some of the chemicals in traditional disinfectants may be irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system and can be harmful to the environment.

We believe we have the revolutionary solution

Through our exclusive multi country partnership with Smart Coat Ti02, Intellico Care are introducing a modern cleaning solution for modern times which has the following benefits:

Antiviral and Antibacterial

Active against TGEV Coronavirus and broad Antibacterial activity

Prevents microbial odours

Permanent neutralisation of textile odours and waste bins

Anti-fungus and anti-mold

Permanent fungicidal, Prevents mold growth and deprives dust mites of food

Micro layer of protection

Prevents micro scratches and provides abrasion protection

Lasts 365 days

Proven to last 365 days and provide continuous protection

Free from Halogens

Registered non-hazardous, SVHC free, free from fluorine, PBT & vPvB- substances

100% transparent

Compatible to almost every surface including, glass ceramics, fabrics, metals, glass, varnishes, wood

Safe to touch

classed as ‘excellent’ in terms of compatibility with skin contact.

What is Smart Coat

Our partner Titanium World Technology has been in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry for over 10 years. With the continuous R&D efforts on Nano Technology and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), having successfully created a Nano TiO2 product – SMARTCOAT in 2011. SmartCoat has won many awards in numerous international science competitions, such as The British Invention Show and Novel Research and Innovation Competition. Today, this product has expanded into the overseas market including many countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Smart Coat is a water based liquid applied by spraying onto surfaces. Once the surface has been coated it will have the ability to self sanitise and self deodorise , reduce mold and fungus, and dramatically reduce the VOCs emitted into the environment.

It continuously works to destroy and inhibit unwanted microorganisms (including SARS-COV2 ), bacteria, mold growth, fungal growth and improves air quality. As long as the surface is not covered by paint or damaged by continuous and intense scrubbing, the self cleaning effect will last for a period of 1 year providing a pure and low germ environment

The Technology

Easily applied to almost any surface, the solution creates an invisible but physical barrier to destroy microbes.

Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium(IV) oxide or titania, is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, chemical formula TiO2. TiO2 is non-toxic and approved by food testing laboratory of the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA), CE certified. TiO2 is considered to be a safe substance, and is harmless to humans.

It has a wide range of applications, from paint to sunscreen to food colouring, and commonly found in daily products i.e. lipsticks, body power, toothpastes, Panadol, etc.

SmartCoat’s technology utilizes any light source to activate TiO2 oxidative ability when it is applied onto surfaces. Through this process, SmartCoat’s surfaces are able to break any organic matters upon contact.

When UV or any light source hits a surface coated with Titanium Dioxide a strong power of decomposition is generated on the surface. Titanium dioxide electrons combine with oxygen in the air to become super oxides and hydroxyl radicals which both act aggressively to decompose any pathogens on the surface in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

Our service comes in 3 simple steps


Our consultation is free and not obligatory. You will get to see our antimicrobial coating or air purifier products demonstrated to you in person, and tested on site to prove that they work. Our professional advisors will explain how our bespoke service can work specifically for your business type and answer any questions that you may have. We will briefly assess your premises and provide a quick price estimation for you.

2. Application

Our technical experts will arrange to visit your premises at a flexible and convenient time and date, to apply the coating carefully and expertly to all high touch points on your premises. Through our clean, polymer base, coating and buffing process, your surfaces will take on a new level of quality with an added microscopic layer of protection. Our technicians can also install our air purifier system if you are taking up that service.

I-Care certified

3. Certification

After Coating, you will receive a poster of our I-Care seal to advertise that your occupancy has been coated to a medical grade and/or you have medical grade air at the premises. We will provide you with an I-Care Guarantee and certificate. Our experts will continue to advise on the additional measures that can be taken to help improve hygiene standards and corporate wellness within your organisation.

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