I-Care certified

By displaying our seal and our certification, organisations are saying ‘’I-Care’’ to their staff, customers, service users, visitors, sponsors, and other stakeholders.

The I-Care standard is backed by science, leading studies, evidence-based facts, medical grade technology and accreditations from the leading institutes of corporate health and safety.

When people see our seal, they can feel confident that the building they are entering is meeting the very highest standards for corporate wellbeing and hygiene. 90% of our lives are spent inside buildings, let’s make those environments as healthy and at the highest standards of quality as possible.

I-Care certified

Our seal showcases and celebrates the organisations that are doing more to safeguard your health and wellbeing and are focused on putting YOU first.

With the very best science-based evidence for health and wellbeing within buildings, we are certified to provide the very best ongoing advice and consultation.

Join the growing global movement to create safer and higher standards of living in our commercial environments

Why get certified?

The Global pandemic has heightened awareness of the importance of good health, safety and hygiene standards in commercial spaces.

The public are more conscious than ever about scrutinizing the health and safety measures that organisations are taking and this has a direct effect on consumer confidence.

In a post pandemic world, business owners and CEOs are ready to make health within their premises a top priority and those who fail to do so will fall behind. Being able to prove that your business is taking hygiene and wellness seriously is of paramount importance in the current climate.

Once certified, you can tangibly portray some of the measure you have undertaken that are more hidden to the public. Stand out from the competition by showcasing our seal on the entrance of your premises and display our certificate inside.

organisations benefit from receiving regular content and training material to keep updated on the latest scientific research, tips, advice and measures to help improve health and wellness standards.

We provide free promotion through our online media channels showing people that your premises is a health and wellbeing conscious place for people to visit. Our experts are IWBI and Fitwel accredited, so we have the expertise to provide the very best evidence-based information on how to improve surface hygiene, air quality, built environment, staff mental wellbeing and outbreak response measures within your organisation.

You will also benefit from free consultation on our medical grade hygiene products such as antimicrobial coating and medical grade air purifier.

The key areas of focus are

Surface Hygiene

During the pandemic, we have all been carefully wiping down our doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms, kitchens, our phones, and many more high touch surfaces. Thorough surface hygiene measures are a key defence against viral transmission. Germs including bacteria and viruses can survive on a surface for days and, these particles can be transferred to and between humans through touch, which is why surface hygiene is one of the leading strategies to prevent the spread of disease.

While sanitization is simple and effective, especially during a pandemic or infectious disease outbreak, many commercial cleaning products may contain hazardous substances, some are more effective than others, some measures are more cost effective and time effective than others and there are many evidence based studies showing the most successful infection prevention control measures for surface hygiene which we share with our I-Care certified clients.

Air Quality

When it comes to indoor air quality there are many steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of airborne transmission of coronavirus. The way a building is designed and laid out, type of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, can all impact the health of a building’s inhabitants and effect the potential for airborne transmission of diseases. When adding effective indoor air quality measures and technology to a wider commercial hygiene strategy it can have resounding effects on the wellbeing of a building’s occupants and the mitigation of infectious disease spread.

Built Environment

The built environments that we occupy for large parts of our day have a profound impact on our health and can influence a range of things from our mental well-being to our disease risk. Water quality, thermal comfort, daylight access, levels of shading, connecting with nature and the furniture within your premises, all contribute to making a comfortable working environment that promotes wellbeing.

Any business owner can make modest and cost effective improvements to their working environment and improve an existing space with our easy to implement measures. The strategies that we outline to our I-Care certified clients are quite straightforward and can be implemented in a relatively short time period which will produce immediate tangible benefits.

Staff Mental Wellbeing

There are many aspects of the working environment that influence staff mental health outcomes. Such as policies, staff facilities and working culture. The workplace is now more than ever being seen as an important place to promote mental health, especially given the high prevalence of mental health conditions among the working population. Robust strategies for prevention and interventions include education on mental health matters, provision of healthy working conditions for staff, the promotion of good nutrition, the promotion of rest breaks and physical activity, amongst many other effective measures. Our I-Care certified clients can benefit from a great wealth of evidence-based strategies to improve the mental wellbeing of their staff.

Outbreak Response

In response to the pandemic, organisations are equipping themselves with emergency preparedness and resilience strategies to immediately combat another potential crisis, as well as to operate effectively during one.

Our 21st century global village, creates opportunities for fast global spread of diseases due to travel, trade and urbanization. Organisations across the globe are more at risk now than ever.

There are multiple tangible tactics that CEOs, health and safety managers, and employers can immediately implement to mitigate the threat of future disease outbreak and successfully navigate through the current pandemic. As the research community continues to study Covid-19, new evidence is continuously being unearthed. These studies and findings are a critical part of the information that we share with our I-Care certified clients to form as tools in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases in the commercial environment.

How to get certified

  1. Register online and pay the annual registration fee for your building size.
  2. Log into our online portal and freely access our resources and materials.
  3. Complete the checklist highlighting the measures that you currently have in place and new measures you will implement.
  4. Receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold seal and certificate based on the answers you submit and the measures you take.
  5. Benefit from the ongoing support advice and promotion we provide you.
How to get certified

Who we work with


The International Well building Institute are the leading global organisation for health and well-being within built up spaces. They have a people first approach to buildings, organizations and communities. Their WELL Building Standard (WELL) has been developed over 11 years and backed by the latest scientific research provides a roadmap for creating and certifying spaces that advance human health and well-being. WELL works across 10 core concepts and performs rigorous performance standards for design interventions, operational protocols and company-wide practices all third party verified. As a WELL accredited professionals we are well versed in scientific based evidence approach to health within buildings.


Fitwel is one of the top certification systems focused on building health. Consisting of 5,600+ academic research studies, Fitwel helps building designers and owners to strengthen health and well-being measures within their premises and is creating a vision for a healthier future.

The U.S. Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention is now a research and evaluation partner for Fitwel having originally created Fitwel. The Center for Active Design is the licensed operator of Fitwel, responsible for expanding Fitwel to the global market.