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Through partnerships with some of the most ground-breaking manufacturers in the tech industry, Intellico can implement an arsenal of innovative
products and solutions to help prevent the spread of disease and improve overall well being

Sensor technology

Non-contact has become a key part of society of late and we foresee this becoming ever more engrained into our everyday interactions. Through developments in sensor technology, we can provide a range on automatic products such as hand sanitisers and soap dispensers. Taking away the added risk of touching sanitation dispensers that multiple other hands are touching daily

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Temperature detection technology

We have a range of temperature detection solutions to suit a range of business sizes and business types. Our facial recognition fever detection screens are ideal for access control, while our thermal CCTV cameras can be used to assess dangerously high temperatures in open space high traffic areas. Helping to increase awareness of viral spread and increase confidence.

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Re useable recyclable PPE

Statistics are already showing the effect of PPE on the environment, as masks and gloves produced to fight coronavirus are being found in the ocean and washing up on our shores. We are actively donating PPE to charities and our customers that spend on our services. We make sure that all this PPE is recyclable and sustainable. We are also supplying PPE in bulk to organisations that have a requirement for them

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Antimicrobial precoating of items

Through our in-house facility we can coat any new item that you purchase. From office items, to point of sale items, to electronics. We can collect your items, process and coat them in our facility and re-ship to your premises with a warranty and swab test kit within a matter of days

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