By enquiring about our I-Care Certification Standard, you have taken the first step in joining the global healthy building movement!

Why I-care?

We provide third party verification of your commitment to a healthy building.
Our experts are accredited by the leading institutes of building health, Fitwell and IWBI.
Everything we do is grounded in scientific data and our guidance is backed by thousands of research studies related to hygiene, air quality, outbreak responses, built environment and staff mental wellbeing. We have translated these into healthy building strategies and guidelines.
Our standard was built in the UK and is globally recognised for outstanding commitments to health and wellbeing.

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Why I-care

How Does Your Business Benefit?

Prove that your organisation is meeting and maintaining the highest standards for building hygiene and pandemic outbreak measures.

Attract more customers with our impressive poster at the front of your premises and certification inside.

Benefit from thousands of research study papers focused on evidence based strategies to improve corporate wellness and hygiene.

Gain access to a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to guide and advise you on improved measures and best practices.

Learn how best to improve employee performance, employee morale, and employee retention, while decreasing absenteeism and sickness with our data driven methods.

Gain advice on reducing your carbon footprint and increasing sustainability within your building.

Registration Process

Registration Process

Our consultant will be on hand to guide you step by step through the registration process and answer any of your questions.
Once you are happy with all of the information, our simple and cost effective payment process is set up to suit your convenience. Either pay online through our website or payment link. Or pay us at one of our branches which are local to you.
Once payment has been processed we will send you your login details to access our full library of research, and provide you with a dedicated account manager to walk you through the certification process.

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Getting Certified

Our certificate is focused on 5 key data driven categories; surface hygiene, air quality, outbreak response, built environment and staff mental wellbeing. We will provide research studies within these 5 categories for you to gain incredible insight into dramatically improving your building health with easy to implement measures.
Once you have access to our research studies, we will guide you with the relevant strategies that will benefit your specific organisation and talk through how to amplify the practices you already have in place while adding others.
There is a point scoring facility where you will checklist the measures you are implementing already and the new measures you will put in place. This will need to be proofed with some uploads of supporting evidence such as photos, paperwork and evidence from our consultant.
The total points confirmed over the 5 key categories will determine whether you are awarded a bronze, silver, or gold certificate.

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Getting Certified

What Happens Once I Am Certified?

Once you have passed the online checklist, we will send you a welcome pack including certificate, seal, poster, and guidelines on how we will promote your business as an I-Care Certified Building.
You will have access to our full Library of research studies and you will benefit from regular updates of any ground breaking research and the latest global best practices across our 5 categories.
Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to help you implement additional measures and guide you on how to improve your rating and certification level.
You will have access to all of our medical grade hygiene, air quality and corporate wellness products and services at discounted prices.
Our Certificate is updated each calendar year so we will assess the implementation of your measures and guide you through next year’s certification process annually.

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