hospital infections are transmittable by hand
brits are still not washing their hands properly
0-3 days
coronavirus can last on surfaces
0-30 times
people touch their faces per hour

Why antimicrobial coating?

The above facts show that hand to surface contact is a key element in the spread of many infections including the current coronavirus. A long lasting, sustainable solution is needed to decrease the chances of germs spreading and to increase peace of mind.

Currently the most popular solution that most businesses opt for is repeat disinfecting and fogging but the continued cost is not sustainable for many businesses, and employee disinfecting takes valuable time away from usual work activities.

Traditional disinfection and fogging can only kill the bacteria and viruses that are present on the surface at that moment in time. But in high traffic areas these transient viruses and bacteria quickly return. In addition, some of the chemicals in traditional disinfectants may be irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system and can be harmful to the environment.

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We believe we have the revolutionary solution

Through our manufacturer partner, Intellico Care are introducing a
modern cleaning solution for modern times.

Non hazardous

Time effective

Cost effective

Long lasting

Certified and tested

Our service comes in 3 simple steps :


Our consultation is free and not obligatory. You will get to see our antimicrobial coating demonstrated to you in person, as we will coat an item of yours at no cost.

Our professional advisors will explain how our bespoke service can work specifically for your business type and answer any questions that you may have. We will briefly assess your premises and provide a quick price estimation for you.


Our cleaning experts will arrange to visit your premises at a flexible and convenient time and date, to carefully and expertly apply the coating to all high touch points on your premises.

Through our clean, polymer base, coating and buffing process, your surfaces will take on a new level of quality with an added microscopic layer of protection

3. After Care

After Coating, you will receive a poster to advertise that your occupancy has been coated to a medical grade. We will provide you with an Intellico Care Guarantee and you will receive microbial swab kits to test the continued efficacy of the product.

Our experts will continue to advise on the additional measures that can be taken to help fight coronavirus and the other innovative solutions that we have on offer.

The Product

Easily applied to almost any surface, the solution creates an invisible but physical barrier to destroy microbes.

Harnessing nano technology to modify silica molecules to a specific size and sharpness, Protected surfaces act as a layer of swords to defend against microbial growth, obliterating all microbes on contact.

This physical kill is guaranteed to effectively kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi (including the corona virus family) for up to 12 months and over 5,000 cleaning cycles in accordance with ISO 11998

Our product is dermatalogically tested, Accredited and Registered as a biocidal product with Biocides Directive (BPR); (EU) and Article 95 , Annex II compliant according to the ECHA.”

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